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When it comes to high-performing, beautifully designed and practical cars, Honda needs no introduction. Over the years this brand has become one of the most popular Asian car manufacturers around the world. Hondas are also very common in Nigeria, which is why you’ve probably considered buying a Honda as your new vehicle. Find out which one to choose and shop for Honda cars on Jiji. Visit https://jiji.ng/cars/honda to buy from verified sellers at affordable prices.


In the past years, Honda Accord was aimed exclusively at family buyers, and this mid-size sedan’s characteristics made it an ideal wholesome family car. Starting from 2016, Honda changed its Accord strategy, as now it’s one of the most technology-rich and exciting cars to drive. With a restyled, slightly aggressive exterior, and plenty of convenient features, this Honda can still be your good old family car thanks to the generous cabin size and safety characteristics.


Many automotive critics viewed the Honda Pilot as an unsuccessful model, but the truth is that it’s built for a very specific market. If your old sedan or hatchback is no longer roomy enough for your growing family, then the Pilot may be exactly what you need. Considerably larger than the popular Honda CR-V with an ability to seat up to 8 passengers – what more could be required?


Back when the Honda HR-V was released, buyers thought of it as a combination of the supercompact Honda Fit and the famous SUV Honda CR-V. With the HR-V you will get access to the latest safety features and will enjoy every journey you take with your new Honda. The fuel efficiency and versatility of this vehicle are nice bonuses to the already great choice of a car.


There’s probably no automotive fan that hasn’t heard of the Honda Civic – after all, it’s one of the most iconic models ever produced that was featured in numerous racing games and movies. In 2016 the Civic’s production lineup was expanded by several new models, including the highly anticipated Honda Civic Type-R. Whatever Civic you decide to go for, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with it after your first ride.


Honda made the news last year when it announced the release of its newest supercar, the NSX. Of course, this is not an ordinary vehicle for taking your kids to school or drive to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. This is a car for buzzing down the road and making everyone turn their heads. The Honda NSX comes at a high price but, given everything this car has to offer, the price tag is rather justified.

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