Unveiling of Face Of Africa Campus Award (FACA) And Pageant

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Face of Africa Campus 2017 is a pageant at its first edition organized with the aim of promoting the africa culture and going deep in bringing out our cultural values and norms which has been long forgotten by our modern age youths that is why we chose the campus because they are the future leaders of tomorrow we also promote peace to the nation igniting the africa campus students to love and support each other wherever and whenever they might find theirselves presently and even in the future. The CEO of this project Mr Jerry Akunekwe states the benefits of face of africa campus award and Pageant.

Firstly we inform the uninformed on how to believe in themselves to bring out the best out of them in different aspects of life and be who they want and chose to be and we are acknowledging specially those people who have made impacts in the whole african campus and not only campuses and we are also honouring those people that have supported in one way or the other the likes of the top business men and women, bloggers, fashion dealers, music artiste, graphic designers. We are also to recognizing the africa models Pageant kings and queens that have represented us in different walks of life its all about (Face of Africa Campus Awards “FACA” 2017) and for the models that are competiting for first ever face of africa campus and the winners are featuring in africa popular magazine known as Lipson Africa magazine and endorsements from so many brands like D and X studios and Face of Ferdinand Elvis Designs and also cash prizes which are to be won. Lets celebrate the uniqueness of Africa and the originality of Africa, face of africa campus brought to u by DDM(Dynamic Dynasty agency) happening live at Awka Anambra State happening at Queen’s suits hotel. Date is on 9th of december 2017.
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