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All body piercings are different, so each requires different specific kinds of care. For things like oral piercings, or piercings in places that move a lot like the navel, referring to a specific article is probably best. However, there are a few things it’s wise to do in the case of all piercings.

1. Expect discomfort and try to avoid activities that will irritate it. For example, if you play a sport that requires a helmet, don’t get a piercing on your outer ear cartilage when you will be doing that in the next couple of weeks

2. Time it right! If your piercing requires shoving wet, salty cotton wool up your nose three times a day or putting a cup of saline over your nipples, don’t get it when you will have to be at school or work. Make sure you have the free time to keep it clean at least initially – if not a holiday, at least a long weekend.

3. Clean with saline.
Lots of places sell their own particular variant on salty water as a piercing cleaning agent. This is never going to be much more effective than cheap, plentiful salt water. Soak piercings in warm salt water before cleaning.

4. Watch your piercing progress. Your piercing will, in most cases, develop a ‘crust’. It will in all likelihood also ooze white liquid and occasionally bleed. This is normal.
It is not normal for your piercing to ooze green liquid, smell bad or hurt a lot unless it’s very fresh or you’ve been too rough with it. If this happens, rethink your cleaning and possibly contact your piercer.

5. When removing crust, soak, don’t pick. It will come off easily once saturated.

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